Lisbon Service Jam
From March 29th to 31th, Lisbon will be one of the Global Service Jam hosts!
International event, 300 cities worldwide and just 48 hours to change the world.
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What is the Global Service Jam?
The Global Service Jam is a yearly international event that happens simultaneously in more than 300 cities worldwide. Over 48 hours the participants will have to develop an innovative service, inspired by a secret common theme. The Global Service Jam is a non-profit activity started in 2011, by Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence from WorkPlayExperience and hosted globally by independent and voluntary entities.
What is the Lisbon Service Jam?
In 2019, Lisbon will, once again, be one of the cities hosting the world biggest service design event, the Global Service Jam, which will take place at Le Wagon Lisbon.
Participants will have the chance to meet both international and national practitioners who share a common interest about innovation and who will support them through the Jam. Participants will experience service design and design thinking techniques, tools and methodologies. They will develop group dynamics that foster creativity and collaboration, and enable them to create innovative solutions in a fun, casual and energetic atmosphere.
Who is it for?
The Lisbon Service Jam is open to everyone, regardless of how their background relates with innovation, creativity, design thinking or service design. Everyone is invited to respond to the surprise challenge that will only be revealed in the first day of the Jam. We are looking for the curious people, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, students, teachers and overall, people who are open to new challenges.
Why participate?
Get to know new people, inspire each other, share skills and work in team.
Spend a weekend with high energy by participating in engaging and playful activities.
Experience a new approach to work in a fun and casual environment.
Create unique ideas and make them tangible. You'll be amazed at how much work you can do in two days.
GSJ co-founder Adam Lawrence and a few of the local organizers about the jam
Promotional video of Porto Service Jam 2017
Participants will have the opportunity to get to know service design techniques and tools and learn how to use them through activities that will set the work pace.
29/03 | Friday
30/03 | Saturday
31/03 | Sunday
We are a group of passionate service design practitioners who share a common belief that collaborative tools and design processes can be used to create positive change.
It is with great enthusiasm that we seek to organize this service design adventure in Lisbon.
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Lisbon Service Jam is a non-profit and weekend-long event event, put together by a group of volunteers. To make it happen we are having the outstanding support and help from our friends and sponsors. Here are our lovely sponsors for this year event, who are helping us changing the world in a wee bit more than 48 hours ;)
Sponsor Opportunity
Become part of the Lisbon Service Jam community and join an event with international projection. We are looking for different forms of sponsorship.
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